Our Just-So Stories

Manor & Mews P. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2015, by Obeetee Rug Company which is a pioneer in the carpet industry and looking to expand into the world of fine furniture making.

Manor & Mews has been operating in Jaipur since 2015 and in its manufacturing unit it uses the latest and most advanced wood working machines from Germany e.g. automatic panel saw, Veneer Hot-press, edge banding machine etc. This state of the art manufacturing unit is compliant to the world standards with complete air conditioned dust free environment and is completely self sufficient in all skill sets. Each product is made with utmost attention to bring out the perfect final product that meets the buyers’ specification and the international standards.

How Manor & Mews Got Its Name

To deconstruct our name for a moment, a manor is the main residence of an estate. Mews originally referred to royal stables (in modern day converted to posh living spaces). Mews also indicates a small street of apartments and shops hidden behind a larger avenue.

Together, both pay homage to our British heritage, promising elegance without pretension. And there is a bit of a play built-in: the sound-alikes ‘manner’ and ‘muse’ stand for style, fashion, conduct, inspiration, and creativity.

Our Principled Principals

Rudra Chatterjee

Rudra Chatterjee


“The greatest sustainability is to make something good that lasts a long time.”

Rudra Chatterjee is the Managing Director of Luxmi Group, which includes the Obeetee carpet company, as well as Manor & Mews.

With an MBA in finance and economics from Columbia Business School, Rudra began his career at Booz Allen Hamilton, the management consulting firm, and served with the Clinton Global Initiative.

Rudra and his father, Dipankar Chatterjee, Chairman of Luxmi Group, share a commitment to empowering entrepreneurship and developing opportunities for the benefit of the people of India.

Edward Carey

Edward Carey

Chief Executive Officer

"The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone. But the things you do for others are your legacy.”

Known for his hands on people empowerment approach to managing operations Edward has never been reluctant to get his hands dirty and work with the people on the floor to create the best results possible.

Edward's philosophy has always been that it is a managers job to improve people's lives by offering them opportunities and if managers are successful in doing this the company will be successful.

Edward is very proud of the fact that his Facebook account today is full of people who lives he has helped improve over the 34 years he has been in Asia.

Edward is looking to add lots of Indian workers to his facebook friends over the next several years.